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File names Rheinfelden_Template_Simplified.idf (Simple building energy model Rheinfelden), Rheinfelden.epw (Simple building energy model Rheinfelden), build_eplus_v2.m (Simple building energy model Rheinfelden), run_eplus.m (Simple building energy model Rheinfelden)
Description The core of this module is a building energy model implemented in EnergyPlus, which generates heat and electricity demand data at one-minute resolution for a period of one year. The modeled building is a hypothetical 3 occupant, 100m2 structure in the Rheinfelden municipality of Switzerland, represented as a simple single zone structure connected with a heat network.
Primary author Andrew Bollinger
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Related publications Weather data for the Rheinfelden municipality and some of the building constructions data for the IDF file have been derived from: Hsieh, S., Weber, R. Dorer, V., Orehounig, K. 2015. Integration of Thermal Energy Storage at Building and Neighbourhood Scale. International Building Performance Simulation Association Conference. Hyderabad, India.
License type CC BY-NC-SA
Tags EnergyPlus, Building energy model
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