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This wiki serves as a repository of models and code for the HUES Platform. The repositories currently contain 34 models and 24 code scripts/snippets.


Users with an account are invited to contribute. Need an account? Contact us. Add models, code or data >>>


Model repository: The model repository includes models for simulating and optimizing building- and district-scale energy systems. The code for these models is readily accessible, and may be used, downloaded and modified freely. Access the model repository >>>

Code repository: The code repository includes various code snippets and scripts which may be useful to researchers dealing with the simulation, optimization and analysis of distributed energy systems. Access the code repository >>>

External resources: The external resources page maintains a list of externally developed/maintained models, databases and tools useful for research on distributed energy systems. Access the external resources page >>>

Collections: Collections are groups of related resources, or resources intended to be used in combination with one another. Access the collections page >>>

Find resources by topic: AIMMS, Aimms, Building energy model, Building occupancy, Building simulation, Computational time, Energy hub, Energy hub model, EnergyPlus, Energyplus, Heat storage, Idf, Milp, Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Optimisation, Optimization, Pareto front, Rheinfelden, Rolling horizon, Visualization