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General information

Description This collection contains multiple energy hub models built in different software packages. Each model represents the same technical system, but in a different software environment. The purpose is to be able to compare different software implementations of energy hub models, and to provide a starting point for the development of further energy hub models in different software packages. The models address both design and operational aspects of an energy hub. The objective for the optimisation problem is the minimisation of annualized cost, consisting of the operating cost (fuel cost, maintenance cost, income via feed-in tariffs due to electricity export) and an equivalent annual cost for the investment cost of the devices.
Included modules Generic energy hub (AIMMS), Generic energy hub model ILOG-CPLEX, Generic energy hub (Pyomo), Generic energy hub (VB.NET)
Authors Akomeno Omu, Julien Marquant, Georgios Mavromatidis
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