Snippet:Matlab on Hypatia

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Description Matlab is only available on the front end node (the one you log in to) due to license limitations. Only run quick checks to make sure your code is working, otherwise you’re taking up space on the front end node. You can use the Matlab compiler (mcc) to compile your .m files to binaries, which can be run on the compute nodes.
Author(s) Ralph Evins
Language Matlab
Tags Hypatia
Snippet code To run Matlab (to check your code runs): /opt/MATLAB/R2012b/bin/matlab

To compile: /opt/MATLAB/R2012b/bin/mcc –m your_file.m The compiler will follow all associated functions linked to from your_file.m unless you tell it not to. To run: ./ /opt/MATLAB/R2012b The binary (your_file) must also be on the same path. This is then submitted using PBS and qsub. Note that JVM needs ~4Gb RAM available.