Snippet:Batch run CPlex models on Hypatia from Matlab

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Description This code manages the simulation of multiple CPlex jobs on Hypatia. It could also be adapted to other programs.

The steps are:

  • Log in via SSH
  • Delete old files
  • Copy .mps file locally, rename
  • Copy to Hypatia using PSCP
  • Submit to qsub, passing job number to script to be sued in file names
  • Get array of job numbers
  • Wait until all jobs complete
  • Copy back .sol files
Author(s) Ralph Evins
Language Matlab
Tags Hypatia
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remotefolder = '/mnt/scratch/USR/cplex/';
conn = sshfrommatlab('USR','','PWD'); % log in
[conn, result] = sshfrommatlabissue(conn,['cd ' remotefolder '; rm output*; rm *.mps; rm *.log']); % move to remotefolder; delete all files output* *.mps *.log
copyfile([projectpath 'cpx00000.mps'],[projectpath 'cpx' num2str(j) '.mps']); % copy cpx00000.mps created by AIMMS ready to move, numbering by ID j
cd(projectpath) % move to project folder
[status,cmdout] = system(['pscp *.mps evr@hypatia:' remotefolder]); % copy to Hypatia using PSCP
[conn, result] = sshfrommatlabissue(conn,['qsub -v myjob=' num2str(j) ' pbs_cplex']); % queue the job, passing j to script pbs_cplex
jobno(j) = str2double(result{1}(1:5)); % get Hypatia queue number
pause(0.5); % 0.5 sec lag for queuing
fprintf(['Running on Hypatia: %g to %g...'],jobno(1),jobno(end)); % report job numbers queued
while esc==0 % check if done
   [conn, result] = sshfrommatlabissue(conn,['cd ' remotefolder '; ls test_cplex.*']); % get list of files
   ended=[]; ended_list=zeros(size(jobno));
   if size(result{1,1},2) > 0
       for i=1:size(result,1) % for each file
            ended(end+1)=str2double(result{i,1}(end-4:end)); % get filename without extension
        ended_list(1:size(ended,2))=ended; % get unique sorted list of jobs
    if sum(ended_list~=jobno)==0 % if identical to list of jobs
        pause(1)% wait 1 sec before retrying
[status,cmdout] = system(['pscp evr@hypatia:' remotefolder '*.sol ./']); % copy from hypatia
hypatiatime = toc;
fprintf(' Done (%g secs).\n',hypatiatime); % report number of replacements
Notes Replace USR and PWD with your 3 letter username and password.