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General information

Description The typical day method used in Dominguez-Munoz et al. (2011) are implemented in a MATLAB code. The k-medoids clustering method is employed selecting k typical days able to represent the full year demand pro file. 3 peaks days for heating, cooling and electricity demand pro files are added. The k number of days is selected by the user. The unsupervised typical days function select the number k of typical days which best represents the full year demand profile. This is done based on a minimization of error between the load duration curves for heating, cooling and electricity and the Davies-Bouldin index representing the intra and inter clusters relation (Davies and Bouldin (1979)). The user select the number k of typical days depending on the pareto front and the computation time.
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Authors Julien Marquant, Georgios Mavromatidis
Required software - MATLAB 2014 or upward
Related publications [[Related publications::Selection of typical demand days for CHP optimization, Fernando Domínguez-Muñoz et all, 2011 [1]]]
License type MIT License
Tags typical days


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