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General information

Description A tool to load in geometry of multiple IDF files and display these in 3D. Additionally, an associated excel file can be loaded, which refers each IDF-file to a point on a 2D-graph. Now, the user is able to hover over the points of the 2D-graph and display only the 3D-geometry of that IDF file, where the mouse points at. This tool is especially helpful in a parametric study, where multiple design solutions have to be compared quickly. E.g. in a multi-objective optimization, the results can be plotted in the 2D-graph to display a 2-objective Pareto-front and the user may now efficiently elaborate the geometrical relationships between the trade-offs of both objectives .
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Authors Christoph Waibel
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License type MIT License
Tags idf, energyplus, visualization, pareto front


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