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General information

Description This module automates the setup and execution of multiple building energy models implemented in EnergyPlus, and consists of a set of Matlab scripts for building, editing and running an EnergyPlus model, and parsing the output. The module works by inserting specified parametric objects into a template EnergyPlus IDF file.
  • eplus_run: Execute model
  • eplus_runmulti: Execute multiple models
  • eplus_build: Specifies object properties.
  • eplus_edit: Find and replace an entry for an object in an IDF
  • eplus_readcsv: Read the output data from csv file according to column headings
  • eplus_add: Add an object to an inital IDF
  • eplus_buildpara: Generate all combinations of some options and make associated * parametric objects
  • eplus_paralist: Assign statistical properties and make associated parametric objects
  • eplus_makelayout: Build a complex layout of many zones
Download URL
Authors Ralph Evins
Required software EnergyPlus


Related publications [[Related publications::R. Evins, K. Orehounig and V. Dorer (2015). Variability between domestic buildings: the impact on energy use. Journal of Building Performance Simulation. DOI:10.1080/19401493.2015.1006526]]
License type MIT License
Tags energyplus, building simulation


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