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Arc-gis to geo-dependent-energy-web-service +Julien Marquant  +


Batch run CPlex models on Hypatia from Matlab +Ralph Evins  +
Batch run EnergyPlus models from Matlab +Ralph Evins  +
Bidirectional massflow LTN (IDA ICE) +Thomas Schluck  +, Philipp Kräuchi (base models)  +


CPlex on Hypatia +Ralph Evins  +
Curve extraction and fitting of energy conversion systems +Marc Hohmann  +


Demand management of random consumption profiles +Marc Hohmann  +
District heating network routing +Boran Morvaj  +
Dynamic carbon factor tool +Alice Chevrier  +


Edit AIMMS model +Ralph Evins  +
Effects of district size on optimal energy hub configuration considering demand variability +Andrew Bollinger  +
Energy conversion technology 1 +Daniel Kostezer,  +
Energy conversion technology 2 +Daniel Kostezer,  +
Energy hub batch run with minute resolution +Andrew Bollinger  +
Energy hub model for design, sizing and operation of an energy system of a building or an aggregation of buildings +Georgios Mavromatidis  +
Energy hub server +Grey Hill  +
Energy storage technology 1 +Daniel Kostezer,  +
Energy storage technology 3 +Daniel Kostezer,  +
EnergyPlus batch run module +Ralph Evins  +
EnergyPlus on Hypatia +Ralph Evins  +
EnergyPlus: Typical Residential Buildings in a Swiss Alpine Village +Raphael Wu  +
Execute AIMMS sequence +Ralph Evins  +


Fast Fluid Dynamics +Christoph Waibel  +, Lukas Bystricky  +
Fast Fluid Dynamics Processing +Christoph Waibel  +
Fast Fluid Dynamics Solver C Sharp +Lukas Bystricky  +
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