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The Holistic Urban Energy Simulation (HUES) platform is a modular, extensible simulation and optimization platform for the study of distributed energy systems from the level of buildings to cities. The HUES platform is developed and maintained by the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa in collaboration with our research partners in the context of the SCCER Future Energy Efficient Buildings & Districts and CCEM SECURE projects. For more information, see the links below or contact us.

Changes are coming to the HUES platform! We are in the process of developing HUES v2.0, to be released in Fall 2016. Over the coming months, you may notice some changes in the structure, aesthetics and functionalities of the platform.


Explore the platform

The HUES platform consists of: (1) Modules representing models, datasets, scripts and other types of resources, and (2) Collections representing groups of modules that can be used in combination to address a specific problem or question.

Contribute to the platform

Click on the links below to add your own modules or collections to the HUES platform. You must have a HUES account and be signed in to access this functionality. If you would like to contribute, but don't have an account, contact us. Before adding your module/collection, see the Directions for submitting modules and the Guidelines for module development

This research has been financially supported by CTI within SCCER FEEB&D and CCEM SECURE.

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