Model:Solar thermal system with storage in a neighbourhood (EnergyPlus)

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General information

Description This model represents different configurations of solar thermal system with storage in a neighbourhood of 11 residential buildings. Relevant components in the model include buildings energy demand, solar thermal collectors, electrical heaters, storage tanks, and a district-heating network. An accurate representation of the system performance is strongly dependent on varying temperature states over a period of time, which can only be assessed through dynamic modelling.
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Authors Shanshan Hsieh
Required software EnergyPlus
Related publications Hsieh,S., Orehounig, K., Weber, R., Dorer, V. 2015. Integration of Thermal Energy Storage at Building and Neighbourhood Scale. IBPSA Building Simulation Conference 2015. Hyderabad, India. Submitted.
Licence type CC BY-NC-SA
Tags Energyplus, District heating, Heat storage, Building simulation, Solar Thermal
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