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General information

Description The electric and hot water load generator tool produces typical, random time series of domestic hot water and non-HVAC electrical loads. This can be done for a single apartment (single family house), multiple apartments (multi family house) or even a cluster of multi family houses.

Methodologically, stochastic single usages are generated and superposed. This statistical approach is “event“-based. That means, loads are defined as events which are characterised by a start time, a duration, and a certain power. The probability of a single usage is given as relative distribution within a day and a frequency distribution per day (including Poisson or Gaussian distribution), both set per weekday and load category. Further power and duration distribution of usages can be set per category.

The tool is implemented in MATLAB using its statistical and graphical possibilities. The model has been compiled into an executable which runs without requiring a MATLAB licence. Excel sheets are used for data input and for result summary output. The resulting load profiles are stored in text files which then can be read by any simulation software.

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Authors Philipp Kräuchi
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Tags Building simulation, Load generation
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