Model:EnergyPlus: Typical Residential Buildings in a Swiss Alpine Village

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General information

Description This module contains EnergyPlus .idf files of typical residential buildings in a Swiss alpine village. The residential building stock was categorised into 5 age and 3 size categories:

D = Detached building, 1 housing unit. SD = Semi-Detached building, 2 housing unit. L = Large building, 3 or more housing units.

Construction years are divided into the following categories: 1900 = Built before 1900 00-59 = Built between 1900-1959 60-79 = Built between 1960-1979 80-99 = Built between 1980-1999 2000 = Built after 2000

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Authors Raphael Wu
Required software EnergyPlus
Related publications Wu, R. et al., Optimal Energy System Transformation of a Neighbourhood, in SBE16. 2016: Zurich, Switzerland.
Licence type MIT License
Accessible to Empa UES


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