Model:Curve extraction and fitting of energy conversion systems

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General information

Description Version 0.1

This module can be used to extract and fit efficiency curve data from graphical data. The files heat_pump_data.m and chp_data.m show how to load and fit data from .mat files. The tool grabit can be use to digialize graphical data; The function single_binary_fit.m fits the curve data to a piecewise linear model using only 1 binary variable to deal with the possible non-concavity of the energy conversion process.

The .m files heat_pump_data.m and chp_data.m are examples of the fitting process.

Download URL
Authors Marc Hohmann
Required software MATLAB, YALMIP, MILP solver such as CPLEX
Related publications Optimal dispatch of large multi-carrier energy networks considering energy conversion functions M.Hohmann, R. Evins, J. Lygeros (submitted)
Licence type Not specified
Accessible to Empa UES


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