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General information

Description The Swiss buildings GIS heat demand database allows building a database containing an estimation of the yearly final energy demand for space heating and domestic hot water production for each EGID of the Swiss Federal Building Register (Reg-Bl).

The current module provides scripts to create the database and the database tables, to load configuration data and to compute the estimated heat demand per building. The user of this database needs to make a contract with the Federal Office of Statistics (BFS) to get a copy of the Reg-Bl.

Download URL
Authors Stefan Schneider (UNIGE)
Required software
Related publications Schneider, S, Khoury, J, Lachal, B, Hollmuller P. 2016. Geo-dependent heat demand model of the Swiss

building stock. Conference paper Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) regional conference 2016.

License type CC BY-NC-SA
Tags Geo-dependent Energy Demand


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