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General information

Description Web-service to share the results of task 3.1.1 (Geo-dependent Energy Supply in Relation to Urban Form) and task Geo-dependent Energy Demand.

Results are available at commune level and pixel level for different pixel sizes.

Access is secured with username and password. Please contact to get an login.

The main objective of module is to share results arising from tasks 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 (Geo-dependent energy supply and demand) within SCCER-FEEB&D as well as other SCCER projects. To reach this goal share data from a database fulfilling the following requirements:

  • To deliver the results of our models estimating for energy supply and demand on a harmonized geographical aggregation level (commune level and 200 by 200m pixel size).
  • To prepare a documentation about the delivered data.
  • To provide easy and flexible access to data using a web-service.
  • To publish on our web page sample code allowing to query the web-service.
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Authors Stefan Schneider (UNIGE), Dan Assouline, Nahid Mohajeri, Jean-Louis Scartezzini (EPFL-LESO)
Related publications 1. Deliverable report D36: Structure, syntax and method of the database. Stefan Schneider (lead), Dan Assouline, Nahid Mohajeri, Jean-Louis Scartezzini

2. Assouline, D, Mohajeri, N, Scartezzini, J-L. 2015. A machine learning methodology for estimating rooftop PV solar energy potential in Switzerland. CISBAT 2015, Future Building and Districts Sustainability from Nano to Urban Scale. EPFL, Lausanne, 9-11 September.

3. Schneider, S, Khoury, J, Lachal, B, Hollmuller P. 2015. Geo-dependent heat demand model of the Swiss building stock. Conference paper submitted to the Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) regional conference 2016.

Licence type CC BY-NC-SA
Tags Web-Service, Geo-dependent Energy Demand, Geo-dependent Energy Supply
Accessible to SCCER FEEB&D


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