What is the DES Data Portal?

The Distributed Energy Systems (DES) Data Portal contains data pertinent to the modeling and analysis of distributed energy systems. This includes data about:

  1. DES technologies, e.g. conversion technologies, storage technologies, district heating technologies

  2. DES cases, e.g. specific building- or district-level systems

  3. Energy prices, e.g. electricity and gas prices

The purpose of the DES Data Portal is to enhance the quality of model input data, and thus the quality and reliability of model results.

NOTE: The DES Data Portal is currently in beta release, with limited data resources. Data will be added on an ongoing basis over the coming months.

Accessing the data

Due to confidentiality restrictions on some data sources, only a fraction of the data in the portal is publicly accessible/visible. To access the complete data portfolio, you must sign in using your DES Data Portal username and password. If you need an account, contact us.

Once you are signed in, you can access private data specific to your account privileges. Which data you have access to depends on the "organizations" with which your account is associated. For instance, participants in the SCCER FEEB&D project automatically have access to private SCCER FEEB&D data which others do not.

  • To access public data, click on the "Datasets" or "Groups" tab at the top of the page.
  • To access proprietary data specific to your organization, click on the "Organizations" tab, and select the appropriate organization.

Downloading and querying data

To download a dataset, simply click on the name of the dataset, and then on the "Explore" button on the right side of your screen.

Data in the portal currently comes in many different data structures and formats. We are currently in the process of aligning these datasets with the HUES data specification. This will enable structured queries across multiple datasets.

Contributing data

Users with an account are encouraged to upload their data to the DES Data Portal. To upload data, click on the "Datasets" tab at the top of the screen and click the "Add Dataset" button. You will be asked to give some basic information about the data you're uploading. Set the "Visibility" option to "Public" if you want your data to be publicly accessible. Data uploaded to the DES Data Portal is stored on servers at Empa in Switzerland.

Adding proprietary data: You have the possibility to upload data that is private to a specific organization, i.e. only viewable by members of that organization (e.g. SCCER FEEB&D). To limit the visibility of a dataset to members of a specific organization, set the "Visibility" option to "Private" and select the corresponding organization from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, it should be set to public.


The DES Technology Database is part of the HUES platform, and is developed and maintained by the Urban Energy Systems Laboratory at Empa in Switzerland. For questions or comments, contact us